I'm New Here...

What to Expect

We are delighted you have found your way to getting to know us! We like to think of ourselves as a large family of people seeking after God, where nobody is perfect and anything is possible. As considerate hosts of special guests, we look forward to meeting you in person, and we want to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Our aim is to encourage and strengthen everyone in our journey together with God. Here are a few things to expect:

Our Environment (Music, Decor, and Dress)

We believe God delights in meaningful creativity! What does that look like? Our music and decor reflect much of the beauty and creativity that we find natural to our environment. As you worship with us, you will find some barn doors, welded metal, weathered wood, and cushy chairs. And, yes, you will find plenty of Edison bulbs! Our music is lively, and our crowd is expressive. We love electric guitars, drums, keyboards, video, and splashes of colorful light. We wear anything comfortable and respectable. In the cooler months, most of us wear casual to business-casual dress. You will see a lot of jeans, button-up shirts, pants, and dresses. In the short ADK summer, shorts and sandals make their appearance. In it all, our aim is to glorify God with creative expression!

Sunday Gatherings 10AM:

We believe the greatest way to worship God is to love people the way He does. So, every Sunday at 10AM, we gather to worship God, learn about His heart, and encourage one another as we form friendships and build supportive relationships. Our worship gatherings begin with everyone together: singles, families, adults, children, friends and soon-to-be friends! We usually kick off the morning with an encouraging welcome and then a time of worshiping God through music and singing. We then share announcements about church family activities, followed by releasing our children to their own age-appropriate classes. After that, an inspiring and encouraging message is presented from the Scriptures so we can know God’s heart and learn to live life as He has promised to us. We usually wrap things up by about 11:15-11:30AM. After dismissal, many people head to the coffee room for refreshments and socializing.

Location and Parking:

We are easy to find! Our church campus is located at 681 Bay Rd. in Queensbury, just across from the Northern entrance of SUNY Adirondack. When you drive in, just head down the small hill to the back of the church building and find a parking place (we have Accessible Parking in the rear plus two additional spaces in front). Find your way to the double doors and our greeters and ushers will gladly welcome you in. Head down the hall and up the stairs to the auditorium. Need to avoid the stairs? An elevator is also available to the left as you enter the hallway from the parking lot. See the map at the bottom of the page.

We Welcome Your Children

According to the example of Jesus, children are not a distraction, they are an important focus. We want all our children to feel joyously welcomed, while also learning to know God’s heart in a meaningful and safe environment. To that end, during the message portion of our Sunday worship gatherings we provide vibrant and age-appropriate classes for children pre-k through 6th grade in classrooms downstairs. All our children’s workers are known by us and fully vetted, including background checks for every worker, without exception. We also provide security monitors at the entrance/ exit doors, and the hallway. We also have nursary available for children ages 0-2. There is also a “parent/ child room” next to the foyer with a view of the sanctuary and a speaker to hear the message.