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MARKED FOR LIFE: Bill claims that God cares more for our character than He does our gi5s. The marks of a man who has met with God are not always the marks of worldly success.

CHOICES: Bill believes that a form of fatalism has se=led on the Church which assumes that God is responsible for everything, even our foolishness! 'CHOICES' calls for believers to wake up and take responsibility and 'Stop Blaming God!'

IF PAUL WALKED IN TO YOUR CHURCH: Well, if he did, would he recognise where he was? IPWI is a healthy blend of Church History and humour, with a sizeable porLon of the propheLc edge that has typified Bill’s ministry, whether in music or behind the pulpit. How would you and your congregaLon respond to Bill's challenge to ‘Dare to Compare’ with the Church of The New Testament? What shape the Church of the coming generaLons? If Paul walked in he’d soon tell us!

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