Life Groups

LifeGroupsPlease Contact Us for more information so you can be linked with a Life Group.

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Life Groups are the backbone of COTK, having a real affect on our lives and on our communities. If you aren’t committed to a Life Group, please consider the following reasons for you to join in one of the most rewarding and encouraging parts of church life!

  1. We believe that these groups are where significant life change occurs. Life Groups are where we share our lives and the real issues we encounter in our daily walk. It’s a safe place for us to celebrate the successes and joys of life as well as seeking and offering comfort to one another during our more difficult times. It’s a place where we do life and accomplish God’s purposes together. It’s also a place to be encouraged and equipped to become a fully devoted disciple of Jesus Christ.

  2. You will understand the Bible better in a small group. Preaching and teaching are one-way communications. But in groups, you can ask questions, discuss how Biblical truths apply to every day life, and hear others share insights & testimonies. Personal application of our sermon messages happens best in Life Groups.

  3. You will develop significant relationships with others in the church. Many people here at COTK can testify that it is at Life Group where the close relationships and friendships develop. Many stay in contact throughout the week sharing prayer requests and God’s answers. It helps to know that you belong to a group of friends laughing, loving, living and learning together.

  4. Prayer will become more meaningful to you. As you experience the stability and security of knowing that there is a group of friends who really care for you and are committed to praying for you, prayer takes on new meaning for you.

  5. You will begin to make an impact in others’ lives. The Bible teaches that every Christian has God-given talents and abilities that are to be used to help others. Unfortunately many Christians remain Sunday morning spectators sitting on the sidelines, merely listening to the sermon. In Life Groups you’ll be encouraged to become a participant in God’s plan, using your talents to help others. Life Groups will give you the opportunity to touch various ministries and opportunities here at COTK in the context of a loving Christian community.

  6. You will develop more confidence to share your faith. As you become more comfortable sharing how God has worked and is working in your life with your group members, it will become more natural for you to share with your friends, family, and co-workers.

  7. You will experience care and accountability. Life Groups are the primary channel of care ministry and accountability at Church of The King. Each Life Group is led by a shepherd leader who is responsible to provide a safe, comfortable environment and promote opportunities for those in their group to grow in spiritual maturity. Key elements of every group include fellowship, prayer, care, service, and spiritually-stimulating study. Sounds great, right! Speak to an Usher, or send an email to get more information on our Life Groups and meeting times, dates and locations.