Our Leadership Team

John & Aimee WoodhouseOur Lead Pastor, John Woodhouse and his wife Aimee met while attending The King’s School and Church of The Nations.  Their ministry lives have touched the nations.  John spent years of his youth in Costa Rica and Mexico and Aimee was a pioneer of our Esperanza Foundation in Colombia while still in her teens.  They have travelled in ministry to Spain and Ecuador and they are guest speakers at Alliance International Ministries conferences. They served as members and leaders in COTK for some years before moving to their ministry in Niagara Falls, NY, John’s home territory, from which they returned in 2017.  John is known and respected well beyond COTK for his wisdom and authoritative teaching of God’s Word.  Aimee’s ministry extends out into the community as a registered nurse with specializations in maternity.

Ronald and Gloria WiederholdRonald and Gloria Wiederhold are true shepherds with not only a love for God’s people but for the lost sheep still 'beyond the fold'. As well as taking an active interest in all age-groups they love to see people being break free from hurts, habits & hang-ups. As parents and grand parents they know how to show the love of the Father Heart of God and have a natural ability to create a welcoming family atmosphere.

Nathan & Sarah OlsonNathan & Sarah Olson In the role of Youth Pastors Nate & Sarah coordinate and lead the various activities enjoyed by the children and teens in the COTK family, including Bible studies, clubs, parties, outings and - well - just about any healthy and fun activity they can imagine. Nathan is is self-employed as a Web Designer and Host and Sarah is a teacher-librarian in Lake George High School. They have three children who are fully engaged in all the adventures of our church life.

Bill & Jean DavidsonBill Davidson & Jean Davidson founded Church of The King in 1995 and served as Senior Pastors until 2017. Their ministry lives stretch more than 50 years and over 30 nations! In the early 1980s they founded Church of The Nations in Hadley, NY. Several churches were planted in the US and South America out of that original seed, as well as The King’s School in Hadley, and 'La Esperanza' children’s ministries in Bogotá, Colombia. Bill also works alongside his colleagues in the Coordinating Teams of Alliance International Ministries (see aimteam.org) with special responsibilities in North & South America, Liberia, Australasia and Spain. They now continue in service as our Missions Directors.