If Paul Walked In To Your Church

If Paul Walked In To Your Church
Would He Recognize Where He Was? 

As the Church has adapted to an ever-changing world has it lost its original identity and purpose? Would he recognize your Church, if Paul walked in?

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A provocative look at the church as it was - as it became - and as it might be.

Complete With Full Small Group Discussion Section with each chapter

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“Our culture, our history and our personal tastes have conspired to expect Church to be something almost entirely different than it was originally and than it should be today.  From decades of experience, Bill brings us back very practically, to the original design.”

C. Lynn Green - International Director: Youth With A Mission

 “This book inspires, entertains, and challenges us as only Bill Davidson can. Everyone who loves the church and longs to see her fulfill her calling will benefit from this important work.”

John Guido: International & National Council of Verbo Churches, 

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